Best Vacuum Sealer For Mylar BagsThe best vacuum sealer for mylar bags is the customer asked product in this era of food and beverage storing. Before you know which vacuum sealer is the best buy let’s know more about the chemistry of vacuum sealer and mylar bags.


We are in a world which is running at full pace and we are not getting enough time to do things as we used to do before. The most casual event that happens in this hurried life is we lose buying fresh foods and other beverages daily. So the only option left is to buy a bulk amount of food and store it so that we can use them anytime we want. This saves our time and decreases the hassle of going to the food store every day. But still, the matter of concern is storing the food.


In storing food in a homely manner, the most solvent way is using mylar bags and vacuum sealers. This type of storing helps to preserve food taste and texture for a long period. Using vacuum sealers is too convenient in that its powerful suction sucks out every molecule of air from the storage bag. But you should also keep in mind that the way vacuum sealer works with mylar bags doesn’t work the same with other types of sealing bags.


Mylar bags are easy to use, thin and flexible which preserves the food as it is. Moreover, after sealing the bags with a vacuum sealer there is no air left mainly oxygen. This bag takes the complete size and shape of the food inside because of its flexible structure. Also, these bags are so thick that it keeps light out and prevent air from getting in.


Additionally, vacuum sealers usually have the feature of customizing the size of the bag used to preserve food. You can also do experiments with the size of bags as per your need for storing. And if you will preserve the food for a long time, then there are no other ideal options than mylar bags.

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Best vacuum sealer for mylar bags:

  1. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller

  2. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Entrige

  3. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Foodsaver [V4400]

  4. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Geryon [E2901-M]

  5. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By KOIOS [SHA1203FBAA]



5 Best Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Reviews


To ease up the decision-making of our customers, we always try to gather the best product around us, use them under expert surveillance and compare them with the near competitor. Therefore, we can deliver the most satisfactory solution for everyone looking for a vacuum sealer.


Also, reading some reviews can never be a waste of time. User opinion is the first thing we should know about a product before buying. Our main motto is to combine expert reviews of the product user team and general reviews of other users from different marketplaces and present you with the most detailed review of each product.

You can buy any vacuum sealer recommended by us without worrying about the quality at all. This opportunity here is to save your time and keep you out of confusion.


1. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller


Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By MuellerMuller vacuum sealer is manufactured by Mueller Austria, the most reliable company for kitchen buying kitchen equipment. This machine is fully automatic and preserves the food by blocking bacteria from attacking the food. Besides the simple control interface of this machine, the Mueller vacuum sealer can be considered an easy-to-use sealer for users of any age.


The structure of this sealer is majorly based on plastic and added with metal joints and parts. This Vacuum sealer is made of durable engineered ABS and through the eminent power suction element and heat sealing; you can store your food in strong air-tight bags. Lightweight and compact, this sealer is easily movable to any place to cover any type of need. You can also use it to seal wine and reseal your kid’s chips if he/she cannot finish it up at once. In our opinion, this is the best mylar bag sealer for anyone.



Brand:  Mueller Austria

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color: Black/Silver

Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 5 inches

Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with an air suction hose. 5 medium-sized bags & one vacuum bag roll
  • Sealing materials can be reused multiple times
  • Made with hard plastic and stainless steel material
  • ABS material is strain resistant so can be cleaned easily
  • Automatic options miss-reacts sometimes


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2. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Entrige


Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By EntrigeEntrige vacuum sealer can be a convenient tool for multi-purpose use. They have improved their product so much compared to the previous ones. It is lightweight and easily movable. So you can move it from the kitchen to any place for different use. You can take off the upper lid to clean your vacuum sealer easily.


Then, it has two useful sealing modes. You can use these two separate modes for different food preparation. In the case of solid foods, use dry sign mode, and for steamed food use moisture sign mode. Also, it is separated into two different halves to allow for easy cleaning.



Brand: Entrige

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color: Silver (Stainless Steel)

Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches

Weight: 3.1 Pounds

  • Easy to operate
  • Made with stainless steel panel
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Two separate modes: seals dry & moist food
  • Two different halves to allow for easy cleaning
  • Includes a more than 3ft long power cord
  • Need to be careful while choosing food for different modes


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3. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Foodsaver [V4400]


Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Foodsaver V4400The Foodsaver V4400 combines standard and handheld vacuum sealers. If you are seeking something bulky and take heavy workloads, then the V4400 sealer of foods saver can be your perfect choice. This vacuum sealing machine is the best. The vacuum sealer has some powerful technology inside which helps to eliminate all existing air from the mylar bag and also automatic bag detection technology ensures quality sealing to prevent freezer burn.


However, Sealing fresh containers or liquids of any kind is possible and provides significant convenience. It can also seal pre-made bags from other vacuum seal manufacturers. As an extra accessory, this machine will also arrive with a retractable handheld, useful in other food-saving events. Moreover, FoodSaver mylar bags is very compatible with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer.




Material: Plastic

Color: Silver/Black

Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 12 inches

Weight: 10 Pounds


  • Fully automatic operations
  • Airtight heat seal
  • React able handheld sealer
  • Pull out drip tray drawer
  • A big device that is capable of heavy work
  • Because of its gigantic size and heavyweight, hard to move


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4. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Geryon [E2901-M]


Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Geryon E2901-MThe Geryon E2901-M vacuum sealer features 3. 5 Amp of sealing power for quick and easy high-performance seals. It includes a wide 12-inch sealing width, with a powerful, sensitive trigger. The Geryon E2901-M vacuum sealer comes equipped with the latest in vacuum sealing technologies and has a powerful, sensitive trigger.


According to research, the Geryon E2901-M comes with light touch digital buttons, LED indicator lights, a plug-in, and a control center on the top panel, giving the operator a user-friendly experience. In addition, it includes a canister mode that uses the air suction hose to store foods in containers. This vacuum sealer is also designed to break down into two pieces that can be cleaned separately.


Looking for a quality vacuum sealer with easy usability at an affordable price? You can’t go wrong with this Geryon model! However, ease of use is one of the reasons this vacuum sealing machine has become so popular. 




Material: Plastic

Color: BLACK

Dimensions : 14.6 x 5.67 x 3.3 inches

Weight: 2.62 Pounds


  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in cutter bar
  • Usable for both dry & moist food
  • Sous vide companion
  • Amazing design with good built quality
  • Doesn’t have a drip tray


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5. Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By KOIOS [SHA1203FBAA]


Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By KOIOS SHA1203FBAAKOIOS SHA1203FBAA vacuum sealing system keeps food fresh up to 7 times longer than sealed by other sealers. KOIOS sealer is primarily temperature resistant; the heating strip’s bottom pad can withstand temperatures of up to 300°F. The sealing function can run for 40 minutes without causing any damage to the machine.


Moreover, it has two different modes for moisturizing and dry food items. Just what you need to do is choose the mode manually. Also, a mini cutter comes with it which is unique and can size roll materials away from the machine.



Brand: KOIOS

Color: Silver

Dimensions: 14.56 x 2.91 x 5.9 inches

Weight: 0.01 Ounces

Power Source: Corded Electric


  • High suction power
  • Automatic vacuum sealing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Accessory host port
  • Seals dry and moist food
  • Not for heavy works


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Why Vacuum Seal Mylar Bags? / Advantages:

If you still think that buying a vacuum sealer to seal your food with mylar bags is worth spending money or not, then you must check out the benefits of owning a vacuum sealer.


Saving Your Time

Tradition sealing takes a lot of time and effort where it is much easier with vacuum sealers. It has some features which make sealing easier than ever and more convenient for users. For example, complete air suction allows you to keep the food fresh for at least a satisfactory period.


Saving Your Money

How does buying a vacuum sealer can save you money? Exactly this question is popping up in your mind too if we share the same way of thinking. Buying food, meat, and other beverages in a bulk amount and dividing them into small portions, and then using them as a daily portion can save you a lot of money. Buying food & meat every day costs a lot more money. Once you store, you felt the difference.


Stay Away From Freezer Burn

The major benefit of vacuum-sealing mylar bags is it creates an airtight environment inside and keep the food moisture. Also prevents the crystals from attacking your food, which causes freezer burn.


Storing Liquid Is Possible

First, put the liquid (soft drinks or customized drinks) in the freezer to get cooled down and hardened. Then put it in a mylar bag and seal it with a vacuum sealer and store it in a warm place. For 1 week, you don’t have to worry about making drinks.


Extends Shelf Life

When you are using vacuum sealing, you are partially extending the shelf life of your food. Vacuum sealing increases the healthy preserving period over 5 times. At least you will get a far better output than any other sealing traditions. 


Types of vacuum sealers:


Chamber Vacuum Sealer

If you are planning to buy a vacuum sealer for big batch works, then a chamber vacuum sealer is the type you should choose. These machines are expensive but do a lot in a really short time. Also works better for liquid sealing.


External Vacuum Sealers

External sealers are a wonderful choice if you are planning to buy a vacuum sealer for occasional uses. If you have no plan of sealing any liquid element. These sealers are lightweight, comfy, and won’t cost you as a chamber sealer but also give you the premium texture using one.


Pistol Vacuum Sealers

Pistol vacuum sealers can be perfect for someone who is looking for the handiest, portable, and easy-maintenance vacuum sealer available. This machine’s specialized grip lets you draw air out as needed, similar to the pulse mode of a traditional external machine.


How To Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer–Buyers Guide

Some of the key features which you can’t ignore before buying a vacuum sealer are stated below:


Partial Or Full Automatic Sealing

There are both automatic and partial automatic sealer machines available in the market. You just place the machine at the edge of the bag and the rest work will be automatically done by the machine. On the other hand, you will find automatic and manual mix functions in partial automatic ones.


Accessory Hose

The accessory hose is an accessory that you must look for before buying a vacuum sealer. Because by chance if you forget to get it when you will need to buy one accessory hose for your sealer you will find yourself in an absolute tragedy getting the perfect fit for your model.


Removable Drip Tray

Today most of the sealer machine comes with a removable drip tray. This element is so important that without it cleaning sucked liquid in the vacuum sealing channel becomes bizarre.


Seal Only Button

This feature is for making your bags from a roll and also lets you reseal mylar bags and other types of bags using vacuum sealing.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How long should it take for my vacuum sealer to remove all the air from my bag?


Pinholes of light can be seen coming through the Mylar bag. Why is that?


Why don’t mylar bags get hard when the vacuum sealer sucks out the oxygen?


Does folding hurt Mylar Bags?


Mylar bag should shrink like a vacuum pack when the oxygen has been removed. Is it true?



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