Can You Reuse Vacuum Seal BagsCan you reuse vacuum seal bags? This question has been debated in many forums. Some people say that it’s possible, while others say that it’s better to just purchase fresh ones.


Vacuum seal bags are used mainly in the food and medical industry and can be purchased in multiple shapes and sizes. So what is the answer? Can vacuum seal bags be reused?


Well, there’s no definitive answer. Because the reusability of vacuum seal bags depends on some facts according to our research and our own experiences.


A vacuum sealer is a vital kitchen appliance. You came here to know if you can reuse the vacuum seal bags, that’s mean you own a vacuum sealer. Lots of people use a vacuum sealer for food storage or storing clothes. As a result, everyone wants to know if vacuum seal bags can be reused to save money on bags.

Can You Reuse Vacuum Seal Bags?


The answer is, yes, you can reuse vacuum seal bags, but not all of them. Why? Remember, we talked about some facts above? Before we talk about the facts, you should know that you can never use a vacuum seal bag that contains foods like raw meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. If you do, it is detrimental to your health.


Facts About Reusing Vacuum Seal Bags


Everyone wants to reuse vacuum sealer bags to save some money. Yes, you can. But only after reading these facts, decide if to reuse them.


What Kind Of Food You Vacuum Sealed


If you vacuum sealed fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, or any kind of dry food, you can undoubtedly reuse vacuum seal bags after washing them thoroughly.


However, it is prohibited to reuse vacuum bags you used for storing raw meats, fish, or any moist food. Because there are still some bacteria that might start growing again after coming in contact with oxygen.


No one wants to be sick eating foods that have been infected by E.Colli, Salmonella, and other bacteria.


How You Sealed 

Mylar Bags Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller

While testing our best vacuum sealerMuller MU-VACSEAL’, we have noticed that if you want to reuse vacuum seal bags, you must keep some space in front of the bags.


Because if you seal up tightly and closely, your vacuum seal bags will be damaged while opening the bags for food collecting. Then you won’t be able to reuse those bags.


Quality Of Your Vacuum Seal Bags

If you want to reuse your vacuum seal bags, make sure you get them from a trustworthy vacuum seal bags supplier. Because according to our research, after cleaning well we found some holes in some low-quality mylar bags. So if you use good quality bags, you can reuse them after cleaning properly.


Did Your Brand Ensure To Reuse Their Vacuum Seal Bags?

Look at the website of the company you are using vacuum sealer bags to see if they allow you to reuse their vacuum seal bags. If there is no information on their website, you can contact them.


Why do you need to do this? This is because some company doesn’t make their vacuum seal bags reusable. So you should confirm it before buying.


Can You Reuse Food Saver Bags?


According to FoodSaver, the answer is “No”. They clearly mentioned disposing of their vacuum seal bags after using.


Is Reusing Vacuum Bags Safe?


Yes, it is safe to reuse a vacuum-sealed bag if everything is okay according to the above facts.


However, make sure you clean the bag properly using vinegar, hot water, and other stuff. You can also clean that using a dishwasher to make sure you kill all the bacteria.


Moreover, after washing well you must air dry it properly. Then you can reuse the vacuum-sealed bag without a doubt.


Why Everyone Wants To Reuse Vacuum Seal Bags?


Simply, everyone wants to save some extra bucks for the future. So they want to reuse the vacuum-sealed bags they already used for storing foods. Even we appreciate them for saving nature and also their money.



Now you are clear if you can reuse vacuum seal bags or not. Still, you need to maintain safety. However, share our article with everybody to let them know too.


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