Can You Use Any Bags With Vacuum SealersNo, you can’t use any bags with vacuum sealers to seal foods or anything, you need to use heavy duty vacuum sealer bags. Normal bags will not be vacuum-sealed properly, so you will have to go for those bags that are made for vacuum sealing.

Why You Can’t Vacuum Seal Any Bags?

Because regular bags are not airtight and they will not create a vacuum seal. Regular bags will leak oxygen and the food inside it will not be preserved for a long time. If you try to vacuum seal them, the bag may explode.
The bags that are designed specifically for vacuum sealing have a special lining that prevents them from leaking and keeps the food fresh. They are also thicker and stronger than regular bags, so they can hold up to the pressure of the vacuum sealer.

What Bags Can You Use With Vacuum Sealers?

Foodsaver vacuum sealing bags
  Foodsaver Perfect Vacuum Sealing Bags

You can use specially designed vacuum sealing bags with your vacuum sealer. These bags are made to be airtight, and they will create a proper vacuum seal. You can find these bags at most stores that sell vacuum sealers and supplies.
If you do not want to use universal vacuum sealer bags, you can also use food-grade plastic freezer bags. These bags are made to be airtight, and they will work with most vacuum sealers. If they do not, you can try putting a plastic tie around the seal on your vacuum sealer.

Tips To Use Vacuum Sealer Bags

If you find that the food inside the freezer bags goes bad quickly, then you should put it in a Ziploc bag before putting it into a regular freezer bag.
When using these bags to store leftover food from home, make sure that they are made from BPA-free materials. Food is very perishable and exposure to chemicals could make it go bad faster than normal.


So basically, you can’t use any bags with vacuum sealers. You have to use specially designed bags or freezable plastic bags that are meant to be used in a vacuum sealing machine. We hope this article was helpful and if it was please share it. Thanks for Reading!

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