FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Moist vs. Dry SettingFoodsaver is a well-renowned company in the market of vacuum sealers. They are known for their vacuum sealing machines, which are sold in various forms like Foodsaver V3240, Foodsaver V4865, and Foodsaver FM2000. These vacuum sealers use a unique sectional system to seal the packages with two-way directional valves that allow you to remove as much air as possible from the bag. Also, their vacuum sealer machines come in various sizes, shapes, and prices as per their functionality and price range.

Foodsaver has created a wide collection of sealers that differ in features and price range to fulfill the needs of people with different preferences. However, Foodsaver moist setting is one important feature that comes with Foodsaver vacuum sealer machines. The moist setting uses for most or liquids that need a little moisture inside them. Foodsaver dry setting comes into play when you want a complete vacuum and no air in the package, so the dry setting feature allows these vacuum sealers to provide 100 percent sealed packages with no air present inside. 

Recommended Food For Moist Mood Use:

– seafood 

– fruits 

– vegetables 

– meat 

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The Foodsaver moist setting uses for moist or liquids that need a little moisture inside them. Moreover, the moist mode is perfect for vacuum-sealing seafood. Foodsaver V3240 and Foodsaver FM2000 both come in a moist mode. Foodsaver V4865 has an added advantage of a marinate mode that lets you marinate food in minutes while preserving all the flavors and nutrients in it. 

Recommended Food For Dry Mood Use:

– dry items 

– grains 

– nuts 

– pasta 

The Foodsavers dry setting is used for all vacuum-sealed dry items. In addition, the dry mode is perfect for vacuum-sealing items you want to store for a longer period. Many Foodsaver vacuum sealers come in a dry mode such as Foodsaver FM2435, Foodsaver V3240. Foodsaver bags are perfectly suited to Foodsaver dry mode.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Moist vs. Dry Setting

The Foodsaver vacuum sealer machines provide two modes for sealing, which are Foodsaver moist and Foodsaver dry. Both the modes have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of moist mode is that it does not allow any air to enter the package and hence keeps the food fresh for a longer time. The disadvantage of the Foodsaver moist mode is that it can only be used for moist or liquid items and cannot be used for vacuum-sealing dry items.

The advantage of the Foodsaver dry mode is that it can be used for vacuum-sealing both wet and dry items. Foodsaver dry mode results in complete air removal from the package and there is no chance of any microorganisms or harmful bacteria entering the vacuum-sealed package. The only disadvantage of the Foodsaver dry mode is that it takes a longer time as compared to Foodsaver moist mode to seal a package.

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How To Use Dry And Moist Mode

To use the Foodsaver moist mode, first ensure that the food you are vacuum sealing is not dry. If the food is dry, then it will not get sealed in the Foodsaver moist mode.  Once you have ensured that the food is not dry, insert it in the Foodsaver bag and then place the bag in the machine. Make sure that the item is facing the right way and select the moist mode from the menu. The Foodsaver machine will start sealing the package and remove all the air present inside.

To use the Foodsaver dry mode, first, insert the Foodsaver bag inside the Foodsaver machine and ensure that it is facing the right way. Make sure that there are no creases or a kink in a Foodsaver bag as it can cause the Foodsaver sealing process to get disrupted. Now choose the dry mode from the menu and Foodsaver will start removing all air present inside the Foodsaver bag. Foodsaver will then seal the package to ensure that there is no air remaining inside it.


Foodsaver vacuum sealer moist vs. dry setting gives you more flexibility to use the sealer according to your preferences. It offers an impressive lineup of sealers for you, so you should pick the one that suits your needs best. Foodsaver vacuum sealer is your all-in-one solution to increase the life expectancy of foods by weeks or even months! These vacuum sealer machines are perfect for preserving the freshness and flavor of food items. Whether you are looking to vacuum seal any type of food item; Foodsaver vacuum sealers have got you covered. With different modes to choose from, Foodsaver guarantees that there is a machine that meets everyone’s needs!

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