Why Can't You Vacuum Seal Raw Mushrooms? Mushrooms contain anaerobic bacteria. That means you can‘t vacuum seal raw mushrooms because even after vacuum sealing the anaerobic bacteria will continue to grow and cause the mushrooms to rot. Specifically, these bacteria can live without oxygen and grow up even though there is no oxygen left. So it is forbidden to vacuum seal raw mushrooms for the sake of your health.

What Is The Right Way To Store Mushrooms?

So theoretically you can‘t vacuum seal raw mushrooms but there are some ways. Read to know the ways.

Blanching Process

To vacuum seal raw mushrooms you need to blanch them first.

Blanching is a process of boiling the mushrooms for a short period of time then shocking them in ice water. This process will kill the bacteria. After blanching, make sure the mushrooms are completely dry before vacuum sealing. If there is any moisture on the mushrooms, it will cause them to rot in storage.

dehydrated vacuum packed mushroomsCooked Mushrooms

You can also vacuum seal cooked mushrooms. Cooked mushrooms will last longer in the fridge or freezer when vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing will also prevent freezer burn.

Freezing Process

You can vacuum seal raw mushrooms in the normal way and after that you can freeze them by keeping them in the freezer. This will kill any bacteria that might be present. In addition, anaerobic bacteria can’t grow in freezing temperature. So it will be safest storing process.


For the safety of your health you should follow our instructions to vacuum seal mushrooms. If you have any query, feel free ask us in the comment section.

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