Will A Vacuum Sealer Seal Mylar BagsThe answer is yes, a vacuum sealer can seal mylar bags. However, not all vacuum sealers are compatible with mylar bags. Some vacuum sealers have special features that are needed to seal mylar bags properly.

If you want to use a vacuum sealer to seal mylar bags, you need to make sure that the vacuum sealer has a sealing bar or a clipper system. The sealing bar is what seals the bag shut, and the clipper system is what cuts the bag off of the roll.

Not all vacuum sealers have both of these features. Some only have a sealing bar, while others only have a clipper system. If your vacuum sealer doesn’t have these features, it won’t be able to seal mylar bags.

Mylar Bags vs Vacuum Sealing

Heat Sealer For Mylar Bags
            Heat Sealer For Mylar Bags

As we mentioned above there are two methods of vacuum sealing mylar bags. You can either use a vacuum sealer with a sealing bar or a clipper system, or you can use a mylar bag sealer.

A mylar bag sealer is a handheld device that seals the mylar bags with an electric current. This is the most common way to seal mylar bags, and it’s what we recommend if you’re not sure if your vacuum sealer is compatible with mylar bags.

Method 1 For Vacuum Sealing Mylar Bags:

In order to vacuum seal a mylar bag using a vacuum sealer that only has a sealing bar, you will need to remove the sealing bar from the unit. The sealing bar is on either side of the machine, but it is normally easy to figure out which one it is. Look for a small tool or screwdriver in your machine’s accessories section and use it to remove the sealing bar.

Once you have removed the sealing bar, cut your mylar bag down so that there is some space between where it ends and where your roll begins. Make sure that if you’re using standard mylar bags, they are under 12 inches long before cutting them with this method. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit them in the machine.

Once you have your mylar bag cut to size, put the open end of the bag into the vacuum sealer. The top of the bag should be facing down. Make sure that the bag is not twisted and that it is lying flat on the sealing bar. Close the lid of the machine and wait until it makes a loud noise. This means that the machine has sealed the bag shut.

Method 2 For Vacuum Sealing Mylar Bags:

If you’re using a vacuum sealer with a clipper system, all you have to do is place your mylar bag on the rollers and close the lid. The clipper system will automatically cut off the excess bag and seal it shut for you.

Both of these methods will work equally well, but the sealing bar method is a little more difficult. If you’re having trouble getting your mylar bag to seal, try using the clipper system instead.

Best Vacuum Sealer For Mylar Bags

Now that you know how to vacuum seal a mylar bag, you need to know which vacuum sealers are compatible with it. The two best vacuum sealers for this job are the FoodSaver V4440 and the Weston Pro-2300. Both of these machines have both a sealing bar and a clipper system, so they will be able to seal mylar bags without any problems.


By following these instructions and using one of these vacuum sealers, you can make sure that your mylar bags remain sealed properly. Remember that if you want the best results while sealing your mylar bags, using a FoodSaver or Weston machine will give you the least amount of problems and produce the highest quality food storage.

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